There are plenty of hoists of manufacturer, to make your purchasing easy and convenient, we divide hoist according to their tons. This passage aims to show the most widely used and looked hoist type. You can click the picture below to have a detailed understanding of the hoist you want, or just send us the inquiry to get better advice.

2 tons electric hoist for sale

2 tons electric hoist

More and more new electric hoists appear in people’s daily life, and becoming the essential helper to raise work efficiency. As the famous hoist brand ...
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1 ton electric hoist

There are many things and objects needed to be lifted and transported in the daily life of our human since antiquity times. For light objects, ...
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No matter what kind of electric hoist you may choose, it is good to know how to maintain your hoist, here are some tips you may interest. Before carry objects, check whether the limit device is in a good state, or it may be out of orbit. And control the speed before hoist hook reach limited position in case of fast speed broken device. Make sure your hoist is operated by trained workers. For a new installed hoist, the first step is to do an empty commissioning. Make sure check your hoist regularly and pained grease in time, especially reducer box and axis. Because of all hoist components need time to running in, check the hoist parts and replace abrasion parts.

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