Special Hoist

Except common electric hoist, The manufacturer provides you electric hoist that for some special purpose and function. We have explosive proof electric hoist, which used in occasion that may have explosive dust mixture and inflammable gas. Explosive proof hoist protect possible spark from air in case of explosion. Besides, we have low headroom hoist, this hoist is used widely in plant that limited by ceiling. No matter what kind of hoist you may choose, there is one thing you should pay attention to is how to protect your hoist from rusting.

The protection of rusting for an electric hoist is important, it influences not only the appearance of your hoist, but the use of it. The rust proof of electric hoist lies in the machine use lubricants. Operator should paint lubricants on the axis of hoist, besides, exposed surface of main hoist device should be painted well. For gear box, it is necessary to be coated by oil and grease. Except oil and grease, check the rust condition irregularly is needed.

electric safety hoist for sale

Safety hoist

Safety hoist is a kind of popular lifting equipment used in lots of industries, which can not only fixed on joist steel to carry loads, ...
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mobile hoist for sale

Mobile hoist

Mobile hoist is a kind of electric hoist that is able to move along the joint steel and I-beam of types of cranes. Compared to ...
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electric mechanical hoist for sale

Mechanical hoist

Mechanical hoist is the most widely used lifting device in building sites, wharfs, ports, garages and shops. If you want to buy a high quality ...
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electric material hoist for sale

Material handling hoist

Material handling hoist is the equipment for material hoisting in construction site, shop, plants and industries. As the necessary lifting hoist, it is commonly used ...
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low headroom hoist for sale

Low headroom hoist

Low headroom hoist has compact structure, elegant appearance and excellent performance. It is designed according to the DIN and FEM standard, our low headroom hoist ...
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lever chain hoist for sale

Lever chain hoist

Lever chain hoist, as an easy operation and carry manual lifting equipment, is used to transport light duty loads in a short distance. Its rated ...
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electric hook hoist for sale

Hook hoist

Hook hoist is used to carry heavy loads in modern construction sites, for its short size, easy operation and maintenance, it is widely adopted in ...
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electric gear chain hoist for sale

Gear hoist

Gear hoist is a kind of lifting device that used in I beam or typed of cranes. This kind of hoist transport loads along I ...
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explosive proof hoist fro sale

Explosive proof hoist

Explosive proof hoist is the hoist equipment that have explosion proof function. This hoist belongs to flame proof type hoist, which used in occasions that ...
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equipment hoist for sale

Equipment hoist

As a hoisting and lifting device, equipment hoist is widely used in port, wharf, building site and plant. An electric equipment is able to carry ...
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AQ-NDS engine hoist for sale

Engine hoist for sale

Engine hoist is used to lift and carry heavy loads anywhere you want. With an electric engine hoist in hand, you can save lots of ...
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cheap electric hoist for sale

Cheap electric hoist

Electric hoist of company is designed for commercial and industrial applications.Our hoists are available in single or three phase electrical configurations and capacities from 0.5 ...
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Ways to protect electric hoists

If there is no lifting task, it is better to find a place to store your hoist especially, the place should be dry and clean. Pay attention to roll the bottom hook, button wire should hung on the pillar to keep button from dust and sand. Operator should clean the hoist frequently, and idle hoist regular in case of dusting. Moreover, wipe out dust and water drop are necessary. Then, do not forget paint oil and grease for hoist hook and loads chain. The repair of your hoist should handle by professional technician.

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