As the most popular light duty electric hoisting equipment, electric hoist can be used nearly in all occasion that need to lift heavy loads, even in place that fulling of explosive gas and dust. In occasion that limited by space, you can choose us small electric hoist; if you want to transport heavy objects, heavy duty electric hoist is the best choice; if you just want a hoist for home use, hand hoist is just suitable. In order to make your purchasing process easy and convenient, manufacture divides our product into different kinds according to occasion. We have home hoist use in your house, which saves space and is cheaper than other hoist. Industrial hoist is used in factories, if you have any special of the hoist, we can satisfy you. For example, if you want to transport loads in a factory that have explosive dust, we have explosive proof industrial hoist. If you want to carry high temperature loads, we have metallurgy hoist, its heat-resisting material and high strength can help a lot in protecting your loads.

Except above hoist introduced, our company has shop hoist used to lift loads in a shop; construction site and building site hoist that used to use in construction projects. One of the hoist is widely accepted by customers like you, that is cheap hoist. This hoist is cheap in price, however, it is of high quality.
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outdoor electric hoist for sale

Outdoor electric hoist

Outdoor electric hoist is the equipment for lifting and transporting heavy loads in outdoors construction and building sites, some electric hoist can also be used ...
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industrial hoist for sale

Industrial hoist

Industrial hoist can be used in many construction occasions. Except use alone, it can cooperate with different types of traveling trolley as hoisting crane. Our ...
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home hoist for sale

Home hoist

Home hoist is lifting device that used in your home, for the restriction of home space, you may need a home hoist that is short ...
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electric shop hoist for sale

Electric shop hoist

Electric shop hoist is hoist used in your shop. A shop hoist may carry light duty loads, we provide you chain shop hoist and wire ...
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construction material lifitng hoist for sale

Construction material lifting hoist

Construction material lifting hoist is the hosting equipment used widely in construction site to lift construction material. Except used independently, material hoist can use matching ...
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electric building site hoist for sale

Building site hoist

Building site hoist is widely used in many construction projects, using an electric hoist helps a lot in freeing human labor and raise work efficiency ...
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