electric hoists for sale

Electric hoist, as a special hoist lifting equipment, wins many praises from customers and factories due to its great performance and high quality. As a reliable helper to lift heavy loads, electric have different types, such as hoist that fixed on a pillar, electric hoist that match with gantry crane, jib crane and bridge crane, hand hoist, hoist that can proof explosion. You can choose what you want according to the requirement of lifting material and plants. Here are the common electric hoist that group provides you. Pick up the one you need.

electric rope hoist for sale

Rope hoist for sale

Rope hoist is lifting device that with a wire rope tied tightly on hoist drum. This kind of hoisting equipment often power by electricity, so ...
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electric pulley chain hoist for sale

Electric pulley hoist

Electric pulley hoist is a kind of lifting device that widely used in nearly all kinds of construction site and building site. You can use ...
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electric monorail chain hoist for sale

Electric monorail hoist

Electric monorail hoist is the common used lifting hoist in many construction site. Except hanged on a joint steel, monorail electric hoist can be assembled ...
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electric machine hoist for sale

Electric Machine Hoist

Electric machine hoist belongs to hoisting equipment to meet the need of modernization. The kind of hoist machine is widely used in many construction site ...
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electric winch hoist for sale

Electric winch hoist

Electric winch hoist is the common used small hoisting equipment powered by electricity. It can walk along straight line of joint steel and curve trick ...
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electric power hoist for sale

Electric power hoist

Electric power hoist is the most widely used transporting equipment in modern construction area, it can transport heavy loads in horizontal movement. If you match ...
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electric chain fall for sale

Electric chain fall for sale

Electric chain fall belongs to light duty hoist equipment. It consists of motor, transmission units and link chain wheel. All electric chain hoist is designed ...
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electric cable hoist for sale

Electric cable hoist for sale

Electric cable hoist consists of wire rope cable hoist and chain cable hoist. After years technology innovation, electric cable hoists becomes short in size, compact, ...
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electric drum hoist for sale

Drum hoist

Drum hoist consists of driven motor, hoist drum, reducer, electrical units and wire rope. This kind of hoisting equipment is popular in many construction occasions, ...
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high quality block chain hoist for sale

Block chain hoist

Block chain hoist, also called chain block hoist, belongs to hand hoist that lift light duty loads in short distance. The rated loads of it ...
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Ellsen beam hoist for sale

Beam hoist for sale

Beam hoist is the lifting device that used in I beam and joint steel. There are rollers to help beam hoists move between beam trick ...
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Notice for the use of electric hoists

No matter what models of electric hoist that you may choose, there are some key points you should know. Firstly, hoist has one year warranty, during the year, you can ask for help of manufacturer if you have any problem related to your hoist, and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Then, due to the difference of hoist type, you are supposed to be careful when you install your hoist. Pay attention to the size and features of your hoist in case of wrong installation. Thirdly, check the voltage whether match with the hoist you choose. And making sure that the hoist power cord has a good grounding measures. Check the hoist chain, transmission unit and other key parts in a period, and lubricate where needed to prolong the service life and increase the performance of your hoist.

Make sure operator is trained well and knows how to operate electric hoist safety. Forbid not qualified operator. Sixthly, check hoist hook, wire rope and reducer before use the hoist, make sure there is no wrong operator can begin lifting task. Once there is abnormal phenomena during work, stop the hoist as soon as possible. Make sure operator writes down daily record of electric hoist in order to query in the future.

With the development of technology, electric hoists are accepted by more and more area, and they play key roles in lifting and hoisting project. will devote into hoist manufacturer to improve the performance and quality of electric hoist as we do now.
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