Cheap electric hoist

Electric hoist of company is designed for commercial and industrial applications.Our hoists are available in single or three phase electrical configurations and capacities from 0.5 ton-50 tons. If necessary, we can make customized hoist for you. Electric Hoists are available with up to 30 feet of lift and can be ordered with custom lifts. And you can choose single or double speed models.

The reason why we dominate the hoist market lies in its high quality and the cheapest price. A cheap hoist can be used in building site, mine, port, wharf and factory. our group is the leading hoist brand in China for years, as the best lifting equipment seller, our team promises to you that you can get a high quality hoist in the cheapest price.

electric cheap hoist for sale
AQ-CD electric cheap hoist

AQ-CD electric cheap hoist

Lifting Capacity: 0.5~32t
Lifting Height: 6~48m
Lifting Speed: 3.5—8m/min
Working Class: M3
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃

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cheap electric chain hoist for sale
chain cheap electric hoist

Chain cheap electric hoist

Lifting Capacity: 0.5~100t
Lifting Height: 3~130m
Lifting Speed: 0.4/1.2 —2.4/11.8m/min
Working Class: M4
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃

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cheap electric hoist for sale
AQ-ND cheap electric hoist

AQ-ND cheap electric hoist

Lifting Capacity: 1~20t
Lifting Height: 6~18m
Lifting Speed: 0.66/4—1.6/10m/min
Working Class: M5
Travelling Speed: 2-20m/min
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃

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Features of Cheap Electric Hoist

As the famous electric hoist manufacturer, electric hoists of group have wire rope hoists and chain hoists. Here are the characters of the two models hoists. Cheap rope hoists of the firm have four types, and the four types of them are AQ-CD, AQ-MD, AQ-HC and AQ-HM model. AQ-CD and AQ-MD electric cheap hoists are the widespread and well received lifting equipment. They have high general purpose and easy to lift heavy loads, besides, the two types of hoists are convenient to repair. The only difference between CD and MD hoist is the lifting speed. AQ-CD electric has single speed, while AQ-MD hoist is able to change speed to lift and carry loads in a slow speed. If you want to transport high accurate position goods or repair machine tool, you can choose a double speed cheap hoist. Moreover, if you want to transport extreme heavy loads, we can provide you AQ-HC and AQ-HM hoist. They are developed on the base of AQ-CD and AQ-MD hoist to meet the need of high duty tasks. Similarly, if you want a double speed hoist, you can choose HM electric cheap hoists.

Except rope electric hoist, you can choose chain hoist to help finish transporting task in your plants. Chain hoist has the compact structure, and the inner gears are quenched by high temperature, which ensure the high strength of the whole chain hoist. As you can see from the picture, chain hoist is made up of chain circle, motor and transmission units simply. Compare to wire rope hoist, it saves more space. Besides, if you add one chain to the chain circle, the rated ability will be two times of the origin number.

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As your read above, we have many types of cheap electric hoist providing you. Those electric hoists are all of high quality in the cheapest price. And it is hard to find another supplier like us in China. Then, we are professional in everything related to hoist business. Professional and experienced seller will solve all your question and troubles in purchasing and after sell service. Interested in cheap electric hoists? Click the free inquiry to get your hoist as soon as possible.

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