Our hoist equipment manufacturer devotes to hoist making for years, which produces high quality electric hoist and hand hoist that sold many places of the world. There are types of electric hoists, you may have troubles to find the one you want most. We divide the hoist according to its rated capacity into three level, you can choose what you want by lifting capacity.

Our firm has small hoist for places limited by space and light duty lifting tasks. Then, electric lightweight hoist is used to transport light duty loads, and its self-weight is light, too. Lastly, for heavy duty electric hoist, it can be used to carry heavy loads, moreover, it can match with electric double girder cranes as running trolley. No matter what kind of loads you may lift, we will always have a perfect hoist for you to use alone or match with other cranes.

Here are the pictures of hoist divided by capacity. Click to each page to have a better learning of them, or click the inquiry below to ask us more questions. We will reply to you within 12 hours. Contact us now!

electric small hoist for sale

Small hoist

Small hoist is tiny in size, however, it can pull and lift heavy materials and loads. Small hoists consist of manual small hoist and electric ...
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lightweight electric hoists for sale

Lightweight electric hoist

Lightweight electric hoist is designed to lift light duty loads, you may use it in shops, small factories and home. This type of hoist has ...
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heavy duty hoist for sale

Heavy duty hoist

Heavy duty hoist is electric hoisting equipment to lift much heavier loads than common type. The biggest difference between heavy duty loads hoist and common ...
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