About Ellsen

Ellsen Machinery Co., Ltd concentrates on electric hoist business for many years, it now becomes the leading hoist manufacturer in China. As the famous leading brand, it has one obvious geographical advantage, Ellsen group lies in the heavy industrial base of China-HeNan province. Industry agglomeration makes the cranes and crane hoist business dominates China’s heavy industry. As the leading role of HeNan hoist manufacturer, Ellsen products win many praise from customers of the world.

Except unique geographical advantage, Ellsen plays an important role in hoist market for two reasons. The first one is the quality of Ellsen products. You can always buy a higher quality electric hoist from Ellsen manufacturer than other company in the same price, which means that you can get a high quality hoist in the cheapest price. Ellsen hoist adopts high strength steel that special for hoist use. And advanced technology makes hoist products less noise and longer service life. The second reason is that Ellsen holds on to the belief customer be the first from the beginning. The faiths that customer always be the first place and quality oriented make Ellsen what it is today, and will last forever.

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